Saturday 21 July 2012

MySeatFinder: Find The Best Available Flight Seats Online

MySeatFinder is a website built for people who travel a lot and people who have the bad luck of always getting on a plane and getting the seat they hate the most. MySeatFinder solves all of your seat problems.

Once you make an account on my MySeatFinder, you can configure the settings of your account and choose the desired order of your seating preferences. Once done, go and add your flight number (Frequent Flyer Number and PIN) and the MySeatFinder website will automatically look for a seat considering your seating preference and automatically buys you a ticket for that seat.

MySeatFinder keeps working in the background finding you better seats as more become available and upgrading you on the way as you proceed.
MySeatFinder is a great online service for people who are too busy to search the flight seats everyday to find a seat they are suitable with, so just let MySeatFinder do the job and you can relax.


  • Find the most suitable seat on an airplane for you with MySeatFinder.
  • MySeatFinder does all the work itself – no need for manual labour.

Check out MySeatFinder @

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