Saturday 7 July 2012

Flutter: Control Music In Your Desktop With Hand Gestures

Listening to music on your desktop can be cumbersome. Sometimes, you will have to switch to the app and click the button just to change the song or playlist. But what if you can use hand gestures and your webcam to control your music player? Flutter is a simple and lightweight concept app that allows you to control your music with your hands.

Flutter is a Kinect-like app for your desktop. All you need is to configure your webcam and learn the appropriate hand gestures to make this work. This app works well with iTunes and Spotify, and more music players and services are expected to be supported.

The use of hand gestures just to switch songs may be impractical for many power users, especially if you have shortcut keys available for it. Even then, Flutter showed us how we can control our laptops just by using our webcams, and in some ways, the future of interacting with computers. Just think of the number of ways how we can control our computer using hand gestures – and this is just the start.


  • Play and pause your music player using hand gestures.
  • Works with iTunes and Spotify for now
  • Lightweight App
  • Works with OSX only

Check out and download Flutter @

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