Thursday 5 July 2012

Collector Notepad: A Notepad To Catalog Your Collections

There is no dearth of notepad or note-taking tools with many of them these days offering advanced features like OCR, audio notes, etc. However, if you need a notepad just for the simple task of cataloging your collection then each of those options might seem a bit too much.

Collector Notepad is software for Windows that helps you with that, letting you quickly and neatly catalog your collection with up to 3 photos for each item. The focus of the program is simplicity. No difficult settings or preferences to remember.

You can have different files for different collections, add detailed descriptions, easily edit or remove entries and do more with the tool. The tool is Windows only, and 1.3 MB in size, so it shouldn’t take too long to download.


  • Notepad for cataloging your collections.
  • Put up to 3 photos for each item.
  • Windows only software.

Check out Collector Notepad @

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