Tuesday 17 July 2012

Apple may launch iPhone 5 on August 7

The rumour mills always go crazy around this time of the year about the next piece of hardware Apple is expected to release. The latest buzz is about the next model of the Apple iPhone. Citing industry sources, Know Your Mobile  reports that Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone 5 is set to be launched on August 7 in a keynote speech. According to the report, the smartphone is expected to ship with Apple’s iOS 6 operating system and is expected to bring deeper integration with Facebook and iCloud.

Two rumours of the iPhone 5 have been quite consistent. One states that the iPhone 5 will have a re-designed casing with a larger display, while the second states that it will feature a micro dock. The next iPhone is expected to feature a major design overhaul and is said to be much bigger, measuring 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm high and 7.6 mm thin with a four-inch display. As previous reports have indicated, the headphone jack will also be relocated, with it being moved from the top of the iPhone to the bottom.

Reports indicate that the size of the dock has been reduced drastically and is much smaller; it is said to be similar to the size of a micro USB. The screen size of the iPhone has remained the same since it was first launched. Apple is expected to increase the size of the display to four-inches diagonally. While the width will not change, Apple will raise the height, thereby giving it a resolution of 1136 x 640.

Many expected the new iPhone to be launched last year, but Apple instead unveiled the iPhone 4S, which included a bundle of new features and performance improvements. The iPhone 5 is said to have LTE support built into it. Foxconn, of course, is going to be the one producing the new iPhone.

According to a previous report, the late Steve Jobs worked very closely on the iPhone 5. As per the report, “Apple, based in Cupertino, California, has placed orders from suppliers in Asia for screens that are bigger than the 3.5- inch size now on the smartphone, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had worked closely on the re-designed phone before his death in October, one person said.” The report goes on to add, “The design change will be Apple’s first for the iPhone since 2010, when it introduced the iPhone 4. Electronics makers, led by Samsung, are moving toward bigger screens, as consumers use handheld devices for a broader array of tasks, including watching video, playing games and browsing the Web.”

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