Sunday, 2 June 2013

WhatRoute: Visualize The Path Data Packets Travel To Reach Your Computer [Mac]

Information is received by your computer in packets. These little data packets arrive at your computer from other countries, depending on the websites you visit. Here to offer you a helpful visualization of the paths travelled by these packets is a desktop app called WhatRoute.

WhatRoute is a free to use desktop application for Mac computers. This neat little application can trace the global path travelled by the data packets received by your computer. Geo-location and data from the GeoLite City database is used to send data to Google Earth and yield high resolution path maps. The app also performs the Traceroute function.

Other features include performing Ping, Domain Name Services queries, WHOIS queries, and keeping an eye on traffic going out from your computer.

The WhatRoute app comes in a DMG file sized at nearly 4 MB.


  • A user-friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Traces the path travelled by your internet data packets.
  • Can perform network tasks such as pin, DNS queries, and WHOIS queries.

Check out WhatRoute @

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