Sunday 16 June 2013

Stealthy: Bypass Filters & Blocks With Proxies [Firefox & Chrome]

As a constant Internet user, it’s an absolute pain whenever a website is blocked because of a filter or because the content you want to see is country-specific. For example, there’s plenty of good content on Hulu, but nobody outside of the US is able to watch it. Some YouTube videos are also restricted because of music whose rights haven’t been published in the country you’re in. Or maybe you’re at school or work and just want to get around a filter.

For situations like these, the Stealthy extension for Firefox and Chrome is what you’ll want to have. It’s a relatively easy to use extension which can automatically connect your browser to a proxy. This proxy can be chosen from a few different settings, but generally this is fully automatic and, depending on your setting, randomized as well. With Stealthy, you can choose from US proxies, UK proxies, random, or customized. For country-specific content, you’ll definitely want to check out the US/UK options, but they require a Pro membership.


  • Easily connects you to an outside proxy.
  • Choose between US, UK, or random proxies.
  • Available for Firefox and Chrome.

Check it out @ Mozilla add-ons or the Chrome Store