Saturday, 8 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit now available in India

Samsung has listed its wireless charging pad as well as charging cover on its official India e-store and they are now available for purchase. In addition to the wireless charging kit, the company has also revealed the pricing of Body Scale and Heart Rate Monitor accessories for the Indian market.

As wireless charging is not supported out of the box on Galaxy S4, you need a new back cover, which supports wireless charging. The wireless charging cover has been priced at INR 2,699 and can be purchased from the official e-store.

Check out the pricing of other accessories below

Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy S4: INR 3,399 (Available)

Wireless Charging Kit (Pad + Cover) Combo for Galaxy S4: INR 5,899 (Not available right now)

Body Scale for Galaxy S4: INR 4,699 (Not available right now) – Body Scale measures your weight and automatically transmit it to the S Health app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth and can support up to 4 users.

Heart Rate Monitor for Galaxy S4: INR 4,699 (Not available right now) – Heart rate monitor is basically a chest strap and it monitors the heart rate while jogging or cycling in real time. The heart rate monitor then sends the data to S Health or Running Mate app.

Other online retailers have also listed these accessories but are not selling them at this moment. Do you think these accessories including the wireless charger are worth spending so much money? Let us know in comments.

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