Saturday 1 June 2013

Official Imgur app now available for all in Google Play

After being an Australia-exclusive (later UK and Canada too) for some period, the Imgur beta Android app is now available for all in Google Play.

Imgur today released an update to the app and removed these   geo-restrictions. The app is still in beta but it is more than decent for daily usage.

Imgur has noted that while the app currently does not support Holo design guidelines but they are actively working to change that. We hope that the stable version comes with Holo design.

Here is a look at the feature of Imgur Android app

Browse the most viral images on the Internet
Comment and vote on images
Upload straight from your phone
Manage your account and albums
Submit images directly to the Imgur gallery
App details:

Requires Android 2.3+
Size: 818KB
Version: 0.1.5
Full Change-log of version 0.1.5

Back button works again
Brand new notification system
Improved memory management
Super speed improvements

Download from Google Play

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