Sunday 9 June 2013

BeeZee: Let People Know Why You’re Busy & Can’t Answer Phone Calls [Android]

I absolutely hate the feeling I get when I have to ignore or decline a call because I’m busy. Not only can some people find it rude in today’s “constantly available” world, but it will more than likely leave them wondering why you didn’t pick up and when they should try again. You could always send the person a message, but that will distract you from what’s keeping you busy, and that’s often undesirable or impossible.

BeeZee is an Android app which lets you automatically let people who call you know why you didn’t pick up. The app is very flexible in that you can easily choose different profiles which go along with what you’re currently doing, and then let BeeZee do the rest.

The profiles are also pretty smart, letting you silence your phone directly from the app, and you can also set timers so you won’t forget to switch profiles again when you’re no longer busy. You can even choose send your BeeZee status to Facebook to let your friends know that you’re not available.


  • Automatically notifies people who call you to why you’re busy.
  • Different profiles for different activities.
  • Silent mode and timers.
  • Post to Facebook.

Check it out @ the Google Play Store

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