Monday, 6 May 2013

Mysterious LG smartphone appears online, might be Optimus G2

A mystery LG smartphone has popped up online with no details about the phone. Posted by evleaks on its Facebook page, the phone might be the company’s Optimus G2 smartphone, or an upcoming successor to Optimus LTE 2.

The phone represents a design shift for the Korean manufacturer as we have not seen something like this from the company in a long time. There are a few hints of Nexus 4 like design but that is all which looks familiar.

There are no front capacitive or physical buttons on-board, indicating that the company is going to use virtual buttons. The leaked benchmark listing of Optimus G2 had also showed the presence of virtual buttons – suggesting that this leaked image can turn out to be of Optimus G2. However, we will like to wait for more information before coming to a conclusion.

Evleaks also posted a close-up shot of the top bezel showing front camera and a little of that weird looking ear-piece.

The display seems to be more than 5-inches, but given the fact that part of screen real estate will be used for virtual buttons, the final usable display space will most likely be close to 5-inches only.

We expect to see more such leaks in the coming days to get more information about the phone.

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