Tuesday 21 May 2013

Google working on a media player

An FCC Filing points at a mysterious Google media player H840 device in works.

Google did not announce a new smartphone delivering Android Nexus experience at the recent Google I/O 2013 convention. It is being speculated that the company is still working on the fifth generation Android Nexus device along with LG. Meanwhile, Dutch website Tablet Guide spotted an Federal Communications Commission filing of a Google media player with model number Google H840.

Google had announced the new subscription based music service - Play Music: All Access at the Google I/O. Surprisingly this service is not supported by the Nexus Q media player that was announced last year. With hardly any new Nexus series device announcements, the developers had to be satisfied with the Chrome Pixel ultrabook running Chrome OS.

Now a new FCC filing reveals a Google H840 device which is actually a media player with model number - H2G2-42. Google's team has several geeks and thus this model number H2G2-42 is a direct reference to Douglas Adam's famous science fiction comedy - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In this book, the number 42 is referred as an answer to everything in life.

There are no details available on this Google H840 Device with H2G2-42 model number. The Nexus Q device was codenamed Project Tungsten. Many speculators are rooting this device to be the Nexus Q successor and likely to be a smaller version.

In a way, Nexus Q was a media hub with functionality very similar the Apple TV. Last version of the Apple TV was really compact and pocketable. We hereby speculate that the new Google media player would be a smaller iteration of the Nexus Q.

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