Thursday, 30 May 2013

LG not keen on making the Nexus 5 smartphone

With LG out of the Nexus 5 race the next device could be from Samsung or HTC.

LG, which has launched the latest Nexus device called Nexus 4, is not keen on making the next Nexus device.

Speaking to All About Phones, Won Kim, vice president of LG Mobile, Europe, said that while the Nexus 4 has been hugely successful, there is currently no Nexus 5 in production. And that LG has no plans for the next Nexus device as well.

With LG out of race, the next Nexus device is thus likely to be made by HTC or Samsung who currently have the best of Android devices in their portfolio including the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 respectively.

Samsung is likely to be the logical choice for the device as it has better production capacity and delivery model, while on other hand HTC has been suffering delivery related issues due to the slower production process.

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