Monday, 6 May 2013

Will Google Babel be launched as Google Hangouts?

As Google I/O draws near, we are getting more and more rumours about the products expected to be announced at the event. One of such products is Google Babel – Google’s unified communication platform. A new rumour suggests that Google Babel might be released to the public as Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts would certainly be better than Google Babel, but it still sounds a little weird because we have already associated the hangout terms with Google+ Hangouts feature.

Anyways, according a Verge forums member, the icon of Google Hangouts will be similar to the Google+ Messenger icon but it will be green. The app will feature unified messaging, as has been rumoured for the last many weeks. The source also adds that there is no SMS/MMS sync in Google Hangouts right now.

Other tidbits about Google Hangouts and Android 4.3

Hangouts app to have Holo UI (obvious)
Google Now will get location based reminders
Gmail app will get Holo UI, and swipe from the left will give you access to your inbox, drafts, labels etc.

There is no way to authenticate the claims made by this Verge forums member but his past record is pretty decent, so we are inclined to believe him. Google I/O is also less than ten days away, so we will know the official version pretty soon.

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