Monday 20 May 2013

Is Samsung working on Galaxy S4 Mega?

Looks like two Mega series devices weren’t enough for Samsung, the company now seems to be working on a Mega edition of Galaxy S4 smartphone. If the official change-log of Samsung WatchOn app is accurate, the company is going to release Galaxy S4 Mega in the coming months.

However, the mention of Galaxy S4 Mega can always be a ‘typo,’ and the person responsible for writing the change-log meant to refer to the already announced Mega-series devices, both of which are supposed to come with Samsung WatchOn.

As, there is no other evidence to support the existence of Galaxy S4 Mega right now, we are inclined to favour the typo scenario but we will keep a close eye on this and will let you guys know if something new pops up.

In related news, this change-log also confirms the existence of the rumoured Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Mini smartphones, both of which are supposed to be announced by the end-of-May and become available sometime in July.

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