Sunday, 26 May 2013

Microsoft unveils new Sculpt mice with dedicated Windows 8 button

After introducing the world to its new operating system Windows 8, Microsoft has turned its attention towards bringing new hardware into the market. The Sculpt Mobile mouse and Sculpt Comfort mouse are the latest addition to the wide range of hardware products that Microsoft has to offer.

The new mouse comes as an answer to the complaints from users of Windows 8 on non-touch devices. The Windows hotkey or the Windows touch tab on the mouse will help you to quickly navigate to the Start screen and access apps faster.

The larger of the two, the Sculpt Comfort mouse is designed for extended use and comfort. The Sculpt Comfort mouse comes with a touch-sensitive blue strip on its thumb region and is called the Windows touch tab. This is expected to make Windows 8 navigation easier with just the touch or swipe of a finger and when pressed it will take the user to the Start Screen.

When on the Start Screen, a downward swipe on the Windows touch tab will reveal all the open apps, on the left side of your screen, making it easier to select. Powered by a pair of AA batteries, one can connect this mouse to the computer using its Bluetooth connection.

If the larger one of the two is meant for an easy and comfortable use, then Sculpt Mobile mouse is meant to be (as the name suggests) used on the go. It is not as big as the Sculpt comfort and the Windows touch tab located on top just behind the scroll wheel could cause discomfort for some users. Though the hotkey is not touch sensitive on the mobile version, it still has the same four-way scroll wheel and the Sculpt Mobile uses an USB transceiver to allow wireless use.

Microsoft has priced the Sculpt Mobile mouse at $29 (Rs 1,617 approx), while the Sculpt Comfort mouse will cost $39 (Rs 2,174 approx) and both will hit stores next month.

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