Saturday 25 May 2013

Google building low-cost Android phones to connect the next 1B people: WSJ

Google is reportedly working on a multi-layered effort to bring the next one billion people to the internet. Part of these efforts, the company is currently working with governments in sub-Saharan Africa and South-east Asia to develop wireless networks that will provide internet access.

Google’s effort are not just limited to creating wireless networks, the company is take a more holistic approach. It is building an ecosystem of new microprocessors and low-cost Android phones that will act as the devices to connect to the internet in the emerging markets, reports Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ article is a little vague about Google’s plans with low-cost Android phones but it is very likely that the company is working with phone manufacturers to makes these phones and not doing that itself.

Given the increasing affordability, Android phones do seem like a decent option to bring more people to the internet. Even without Google’s efforts, low-cost Android phones are acting as the first access point to internet for many in the emerging countries, however the expensive or limited access to data or Wi-Fi networks mars the usage and this is what Google wants to sort out with its new wireless networks.

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