Friday, 24 May 2013

Jet Airways and Nokia launch app for Windows Phone

The new app allows users to get a seamless booking experience form the Windows.

Flight operator Jet Airways in association with Nokia has announced the launch of its first ever flight booking and information application for Windows Phone devices.

The application has been made available free of cost to the users and aims at offering valuable services related to Jet Airway's flights to the users on the go.

The application allows Windows Phone users to seamlessly book their flight tickets while offering this secure payment options via credit card right from within the application. For quick access and information the application allows the users to pin the itinerary as a tile on the home screen. Users can also access and manage their JetPrivilege Account, on the go with the use of this application.

Additionally the application allows users to get real time flight status with option to search using flight number, airport or route. Along with that users can also get real time flight status notifications upon registering with their booking.

The application allows users to also share their experiences with their flight and booking right from within the application itself.

The application can be downloaded from the Windows Application store and can be installed on any device ruining Windows Phone operating system. Users not having a Jet Privilege account can also use the application for booking and reference purpose.

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