Saturday 18 May 2013

Samsung announces TecTiles 2 NFC tags for Galaxy S4

Given the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 does not support the original TecTiles NFC tag, we all were waiting for their successor, which have arrived today. According to Samsung, the TecTiles 2 NFC tags are perfectly compatible with Galaxy S4 and are now available for $14.99 in a pack for five at The tags will also be available at other stores next month.

Compatible with NFC chips that support MIFARE technology, Samsung’s new TecTiles 2 can be programed to do a lot of actions on your Galaxy S4 including the following:

Change Phones settings
Switch phone profiles
Launch an app
Show a message
Play a track
Make a call
These are just some of the many actions that can be programed, you can find out the full list here( Samsung has also revealed that TacTiles 2 work with Galaxy S III as well as other NFC compatible smartphones from the company.

How do TecTiles work:

TecTile tags use a small NFC receiver that trigger your smartphone into completing the pre-defined tasks when you tap them

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