Saturday 25 May 2013

Box acquires Folders, aims bringing in next update

The cloud service will offer much more advanced functionality as the tech behind folders has been acquired., a cloud based storage space provider, has been a popular service provider in their domain. And now to improve its services further, the company has acquired the technology that powers the popular third party cloud application Folders. Folders is an application that collaborates several popular cloud storage services in one neat application.

While giving access to multiple cloud based storage services the Folders application also comes with integrated file support. Users can view thumbnails of their picture and even see them in full resolution right within the application. Other than that the application also has support for PDF files and most popular Microsoft office formats like MSWord, PowerPoint excel and even for Google Docs.

The application has integrated playback support for audio and video files too so that users do not necessarily need to download the whole file on their device to play it.

The developers presently are in process of including the new features for the iOS based application for Box and it can be expected to be rolled out soon. If not the support for multiple cloud storage services, the new application is likely to come with support for most file formats right form within the application.

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