Sunday, 26 May 2013

Browser View Plus: Open Links From Firefox In Other Applications

Are there certain links that you would prefer to open outside of Firefox? Maybe there is a certain website you frequent that only supports Internet Explorer? Do you have a live podcast you listen to that you would prefer plays in an external music player instead of the browser? Fear not, because Browser View Plus is here to make this as easy as possible.

The Firefox add-on will detect many popular programs such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. If it does not detect the program you want, it is easy enough to add it. Simply open the preference for the add-on and add the executable for the program and what you want it to say in the menu. You can choose up to five download managers, media centers and other web browsers.

Once you have everything all up and running, you simply right-click on a link and mouse over “Open With.” You will see a list of the programs you adds. Click one of them, and the link will open in that application instead of Firefox.


  • Open links outside of Firefox easily.
  • Supports download managers, other browsers, and media players.
  • Supports five programs.
  • Easy to use right-click menu.

Find Browser View Plus the Mozilla Add-Ons store

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