Friday 17 May 2013

Android to get built-in Bluetooth Smart Ready support this year

Bluetooth SIG has announced that Google will include the native support for Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready in the next Android version. Although, the report does not reveal the exact Android version details, however does mention that it will appear in the “coming months.”

This is not new for Android as manufacturers have been implementing the support for Bluetooth Smart Ready for years on their own, but native support is certainly a positive for the platform. Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S III already support Bluetooth Smart and Smart ready.

“Working with the big OS providers to offer native support for Bluetooth Smart Ready has been a major initiative within the Bluetooth SIG – we’re thrilled to welcome Android to the family,” said Suke Jawanda, CMO of the Bluetooth SIG.

“It’s the hardware and software support that enables Bluetooth Smart Ready devices to seamlessly connect with the billions of Bluetooth devices in use today, and the exploding new market of Bluetooth Smart appcessories,” he added.

Developers will be able to use the new Android API to feed data collected from Bluetooth Smart appcessories, like fitness monitors or medical devices, to their apps running on Bluetooth Smart Ready products, like smart phones or tablets. Once released, any new Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet running Android and featuring a dual mode Bluetooth radio chip will be Smart Ready.

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