Friday 31 May 2013

Windows 8.1 screenshot leak suggests the return of the Start button

It was always hard to imagine a Windows OS without its “Start" button, but Window 8, which was launched last year, showed us how Windows could be managed without the traditional Start button.

But, it looks like the Start button is set to make a comeback onto your Windows OS. Leaked screenshots of the yet-to-be-released Windows 8.1 have revealed the look of the Start button that's rumoured to be returning.

Images published on a Windows blog post show that the brand new Start button will be a Windows 8 icon. It is also likely that the button might change colour depending on the background colour. And while using the Switcher app, the Start button will appear at the bottom as the Start tip does in Windows 8.

Reports also suggest that clicking on the Start button will return users to the Start Screen, rather than opening a menu, like in earlier versions of Windows. To help blend the potentially jarring change between the desktop and Modern UI style interface, the Start Screen will use the desktop wallpaper as its background.

The blog has also reported that a boot to desktop option will be included in the latest version of the OS, but will be turned off by default. Though Microsoft is yet to confirm that either of these options will be present in Windows 8.1, this new leak is certainly helpful in substantiating the return of the traditional icon.

Microsoft had earlier confirmed that the latest version of the update will be available for both Microsoft devices and Windows RT devices alike and would be a free update.

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