Friday 24 May 2013

OneAssist launches service to safeguard your smartphone in India

OneAssist has introduced a Mobile Assist Premium service that provides insurance cover of up to Rs 15,000 and also the mobile data recovery.

Loss of mobile phone is a major concern and on top of that is the loss of data on the phone. OneAssist has introduced a new "MobileAssist” Premium Plan for Rs 1999 (Annual per person) and offers slew of services in return. MobileAssist Premium Plan covers different areas that saves the plan subscribers from inconvenience to an extent; even a temporary smartphone is provided. This is one of the solutions that can keep your mobile data secured.

Mobile phone tracking software and services have become important to keep a tab on the phone
in case it gets stolen or misplaced. MobileAssist Premium Plan basically provides an
assurance to the consumer for mobile phone loss, data recovery and also. The plan includes features such as remote data wipe and locking to ensure none of the data is accessible to anyone else.

The service also brings an app that basically takes back-up of all possible data on the mobile phone to store it on cloud storage. This back up service takes care of the contacts, photos, videos, and SMS to be available on any mobile platform. Since the data gets backed up regularly, the user can have latest data on a temporary smartphone in case the original device is lost or stolen.

In case the phone is lost, the plan also provides insurance of up to Rs 15,000 against the phone and of course, there would be certain conditions bound with that. Besides that, the plan also includes reminders/notifications in case the SIM has been changed and start the remote alarm. Apart from that, one can always seek assistance to locate the lost phone. OneAssist offers the facility of providing a temporary smartphone to the user only in select cities. These users get a smartphone with the respective user's data restored so the person can start using it immediately.

In case of SIM card misuse, the plan covers value of up to Rs 3000. This is an interesting extension of mobile-phone security related services provided. It covers array of existing features offered by most handset makers such as locating lost phone, remote wipe/lock/alarm and so on. Of course, there is some cost involved for this service to be paid as subscription.

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