Tuesday 21 May 2013

GiftMating: Find The Perfect Present Related To Two Other Gifts

Deciding what to buy for your loved one’s upcoming birthday can be a very time consuming process. You are not always lucky enough to know exactly what it is that the other person wants. Sometimes you simply have an idea of the things that they would like; you then start with these ideas as a baseline and explore similar gifts to find the right one.

What you could really use is a tool that helps you find presents that are related to your baseline presents. Here to be that tool is the web service called GiftMating.

GiftMating is a user-friendly web service that helps you find presents that are related to two other presents. Basically the concept is to find presents that result from the fusion or ‘mating’ of two of your specific presents.

You start by entering two of the earlier mentioned baseline presents. Once a suitable match is found you can accept the presents as a baseline. The next step simply involves you clicking on the “Mate gifts, mate!” button. The website then looks for presents that are related to both of your specified gifts. In case matches cannot be found that involve both gifts, you are shown gifts that individually relevant to your baseline presents.

The results have image thumbnails, gift titles, and their prices mentioned. You can keep on adding presents from the results to your baseline to narrow down your search to the most ‘right’ present. When you finally find something you like, just click on its image thumbnail to be taken to its Amazon purchasing page.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you find the right gift.
  • Find presents that are related to a baseline.
  • Takes you to the Amazon pages to purchase presents.

Check out GiftMating @ http://giftmating.com

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