Saturday 18 May 2013

Twitter for Google Glass out; CNN, Tumblr, Facebook & Evernote to follow

Google has announced that Glass users are getting seven more apps on their wearable augmented reality glasses. These apps are Twitter, CNN, Tumblr, Facebook, Evernote, Elle and Ice Breaker.

Twitter is already available via and other six apps should also reach the platform in the coming days. These applications join the already existing Path and New York Times apps for Glass.

Here is quick guide to what all the seven apps can do on Glass:

Twitter: Share photos, see twitter notifications for mentions, DMs and Tweets from users for whom you’ve turned on notifications, reply to, retweet or favorite these Tweets.
CNN: Look at select news alerts (you can choose which alters you want and when), read or hear aloud a short summary and watch a video clip of the news.
Elle: See select sections of the mag, swipe through photos from a story, hear a section of a story read aloud, add stories to a reading list for later and share stories with friends.
Facebook: Share photos, read posts
Tumblr: Read full feed or just select updates
Evernote: Read previously saved notes, like a grocery list, on Glass
Ice Breaker game: See a notification of someone who is also playing the same game nearby and then people introduce themselves and take a picture of one another, rate their conversation and earn points.

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