Thursday, 28 June 2012

Windows 8 RTM build coming in July, build number to be 8500

Windows 8 is nearing completion and the final RTM build is expected to release in July this year, which is just weeks from now. The RTM build is the final build that goes out for shipping. It’s the final product that ends up shipping on notebooks and desktops. It’s also the final product that you’ll be using when Windows 8 launches. Microsoft has been proactive when it comes to releasing information on their upcoming operating system. The company first launched their Building Windows 8 blog, which was designed to inform enthusiasts about the progress of the development of the operating system.

Later in 2011, a Developer Preview of the operating system was made public and users were able to get their hands on the copy for free. Soon after CES this year, Microsoft released a Windows Consumer Preview, a more complete and stable build of the operating system.

Microsoft released their Windows 8 Release Preview, which is one of the last milestones before the operating system is ready to ship. The announcement of this release was made on Microsoft’s Building Windows 8 blog, which has been a source of information on the different aspects of Windows 8. Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Release Preview is being made available in 14 different languages and is available for download, for free from Microsoft's Windows 8 Preview site. All you need to do, is download the ISO and burn a copy on a disc. You also have the option of making a bootable flash drive for installing the OS.

Microsoft’s new operating system is special for a number of reasons. It’s going to be available for desktops as well as tablets. It’ll be available for ARM devices through an operating system, called Windows RT, which includes the all-new Metro user interface. PCs, notebooks and x86 tablets will have access to the standard Windows 8 operating system, which will include both the new Metro user interface as well as the traditional desktop user interface. The Metro user interface is designed specifically as a tablet OS, which is best used with a touchscreen device.

Microsoft also has two tablets that they’ll be selling along with some of their vendor-partners. They recently took the wraps off the new family of PCs for Windows: the Surface tablet. Microsoft's line-up of tablets included a Surface running on the ARM processor, featuring Windows RT and another running on a third-generation Intel Core processor featuring Windows 8 Pro.

Microsoft has touted the Surface as "PCs built to be the ultimate stage for Windows". Company executives stated that the Windows tablets and accessories feature significant advances in industrial design and attention to detail. Microsoft stated that with the fast and fluid interface, easy connectivity, information and apps that users care about most, Surface would be a premium way to experience all that Windows has to offer.

Surface for Windows RT will release with the general availability of Windows 8, and the Windows 8 Pro model will be available about 90 days later. Both will be sold in the Microsoft Store locations in the U.S. and available through select online Microsoft Stores. As of now, there is no information on the pricing or availability of Surface in India.

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