Saturday, 23 June 2012

n7player Music Player: A Music Player With Great Features & A Great Look [Android]

Android has many music players available on the Google Play Store. Some of them kick ass, and some do not bring much to the table. n7player is one of the former. It is a fully loaded music player with lots of innovative features. It looks just as beautiful as it performs. It is hard to stand out when you are just a music player, but n7player finds a way to stand above many of the rest.

To start with, n7player features a nice multi-touch music album page. It allows you to view all of your artists on the most zoomed out view, and if you zoom in, it will show you all the different albums by the artists. It is a clean way to navigate and play your music. It will even download the album art automatically so it keeps your cover page looking clean and beautiful.

In addition to being a clean way to navigate your music, the player itself is also very good. It has a five band equalizer with presets and all kinds of effects to customize the way you hear your music. Overall, it is a fully loaded music player that is worth checking out.


Beautiful Android music player.
Multi-touch artist and cover screen.
5 band equalizer with effects.
Automatic album art download.
Music widget on your phone.

Find n7player on Google Play(

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