Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Research finds that writing with a pen may soon become obsolete

Could we possibly forget how to write? Well, many may have not given it a thought, yet, but a research commissioned by online stationer Docmail suggests that using pen and paper may soon be passé, with a typical adult not having written anything for about six weeks. Needless to say, most users don’t feel the need to stretch to reach out to a pen and paper, and prefer typing on the keyboard (of a PC or laptop), instead and also on touchscreen and QWERTY smartphones. So, will we forget to write? The study states that the average time, since an adult last wrote by hand was 41 days. Out of the 2000 participants, about two-thirds say that they rarely write, and when they do write by hand, it is only hastily scribbled reminders or notes.

This research points out that the future generations are likely to rely completely on keyboards to communicate. So, this may possibly put an end to all those handwritten notes, reminders, noting on physical calendars and so on. Unlike earlier, many users don’t write down phone numbers anymore, either.

More than 50 percent of the people admit that their handwriting had noticeably declined and one out of seven participants revealed that they were ashamed of their handwriting. The advanced mobile devices have ensured to simplify typing even further by adding methods, like predictive text for spelling, Swype and so on. Among the participants of the survey, four out of ten people said that they rely on predictive text for spelling, and one in four admit to regularly using abbreviations or ‘text talk.’

Reportedly, Dave Broadway, Managing Director for Docmail said, “It’s a shame handwriting is in general decline, but that”s come about from the need for convenience and communication that is clear and quick. People by habit will always look for shortcuts or to make their life easier, and that’s the reason technology is so prominent in our everyday lives. What will always be of importance is the quality of what we’re communicating and how we convey ourselves.”

Clearly, the decline of the quality of handwriting is blamed upon the lack of place given to it in the average modern life.  “Handwriting will always carry a sentimental value but inevitably makes way when it comes to the need to be efficient,” he said. However, 40 percent of people revealed that even when they have to write, it doesn’t necessarily need to be neat. Moreover, technology based solutions are more flexible to use. They require speedy and cost effective methods, too.

“Technology puts everyone on a level playing field when it comes to the ability to communicate clearly. For business matters and occasions that require speed, clarity and cost efficiency or delivering to a wide audience, a technology-based solution will always be the most beneficial. But even if its usefulness is reduced, it’s important that people maintain their ability to communicate without a full reliance on technology,” Broadway said.

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