Friday, 29 June 2012

Ethical hackers help Harbhajan Singh recover hacked FB account ,e-mails

In an exclusive chat with ethical hackers Himanshu Sharma (alias нα¢кєя) and Parul Khanna, we’ve learnt popular Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh’s Facebook account was hacked some time ago. It appears Bhajji's e-mail address, along with his fan page, were hacked. Himanshu and Parul say that the hacker kept a low profile and was not very active on these accounts. Most hackers usially tend to make drastic changes to the appearance of the page or by posting offensive content on it. Harbhajan Singh is said to have contacted the police asking for help, but when there was no help from the police, he decided to take the help of the two ethical hackers.

Himanshu is already a well-known hacker and at just 18 years of age, has been recognized by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. He’s also known for recovering the fan page of well-known Pakistani singer, Zaain Ul Abideen. Parul Khanna is also known in the field as a internet and computer security professional. He’s known to have conducted more than 300 different workshops on ethical hacking across India. Both joined hands and were able to successfully recover the two accounts within 24 hours.

When asked about the incident, they said, "Well, it was a real tough job and contacting Facebook and Google support did not help at all. The hacker managed to disable every particular option for recovering the account. But after a few hours we were able to figure out our way into the accounts.” They say that they have also managed to get hold of the hacker’s location and steps are being taken to bust them. Himanshu and Parul were able to successfully unlock the accounts within a few hours.

Himanshu and Parul say that the hacker is suspected to have used the Yahoo account password reset feature’s 0-day vulnerability bug, which was out in the wild a few weeks ago. This allowed them to easily gain access to the account. The duo said that they wanted to highlight that not all hackers were bad. Ethical hackers are present in the hacker community and they’re ones responsible for making sure that cyber criminals don’t go too far.

Image credit: Bhajji World

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