Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Android-based microwave with voice assistance launched in India

SectorQube Technolabs, a new IT company in Technopark, Kerala, plans to take the Android operating system beyond smartphones and apps with the launch of Microwave Android Integrated Device (MAID) – a microwave that runs on Android and is capable of cooking up all your favorite delicacies. Touted as India’s first Android-integrated microwave oven, MAID incorporates a voice assistant that will guide you throughout the cooking procedure. "A consumer using MAID would be able to prepare as many as 52,000 recipes, all of which are available online and which could be downloaded after connecting to the internet," said Sabarish Prakash, CEO.

MAID was developed through a period of six months by seven engineers who set up SectorQube. Although the microwave is currently a prototype, the company plans to go ahead and manufacture it large-scale by December. Reportedly, the company has spent Rs.20,000 to develop the software and integrate it into the microwave, and is planning to sell MAID for around Rs.7,000-Rs.8,000. "The idea branched out of the thought that beyond smart phones and tablets, the ‘Android beyond apps’ concept has not been used to its full potential," said Prakash. Nibu Alias, Chief Technology Officer. The company has also revealed that MAID is just the first of many android-powered products that it plans to bring to store shelves.

Android, due to its open source nature, lends itself to customization and companies are increasingly trying to use this operating system in various fields of technology, a major part of which includes home appliances. Yesterday, Sony Electronics Inc. announced the availability and pricing of the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV. Originally introduced in January at CES, the Internet Player will hit US shelves from July 22 and will be powered by Google TV.

Android-enabled Smart TV boxes are currently upcoming technology here in India and are being offered by companies like Amkette with their EVOTV Box and Portronics’ (Limebox) amongst others. Keeping that sentiment in mind, it is possible that Sony just might consider introducing the Internet Player into the Indian market. However, the Japanese technology giant has not revealed any information regarding a global roll out of the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player yet, so there’s no telling if India will be one of the stops it makes.

LG was yet another company to show off the Google TV which combines Google’s Android OS with LG’s 3D and Smart TV technologies, thereby offering consumers a new home entertainment option. The UI can be accessed by using the Magic Remote Qwerty, which is the LG Magic Remote and a QWERTY keyboard.

This also reminds us that Google will shortly reveal Jelly Bean, which now seems to be an update to Ice Cream Sandwich rather than the next iteration of the Android operating system. The company’s Nexus tablet will also make its presence felt at the event.

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