Friday, 22 June 2012

Current Nokia Lumia handsets to get Windows Phone 8 experience

When Microsoft raised the curtains on the new Windows Phone 8 operating system, they stated at the time that the existing devices would not be greeted with the update. Instead, current Windows Phone users would receive an upgrade to their current operating system, which will come in the form of Windows Phone 7.8. Now Nokia, one of the biggest Windows Phone vendors in the world with their Lumia range of handsets, has announced that these smartphones will in fact get certain experiences of Windows Phone 8.

 Nokia states that those who already have Lumia devices with Windows Phone 7.5, will be able to update their phones with some of the new Windows Phone 8 features, like the start screen and download new apps from companies, like Zynga, whose Words with Friends and Draw Something will be available by the third quarter of this year.

Speaking on the other features that will be dished out to Lumia owners, Nokia stated, “Microsoft also announced today that the Windows Phone Marketplace has reached 100,000 apps, and with Windows Phone 8 sharing the Windows 8 core, millions of Windows developers will also be able to develop for Windows Phone ecosystem. Lumia customers can expect thousands more apps to be introduced across Windows Phone platform.”

The brand goes on to state that these announcements underline the progress Nokia is making with the Lumia family of smartphones and in building a winning ecosystem with Microsoft. They claim that it shows how the Windows Phone experience continues to evolve at a faster pace than the competition and how Nokia’s continued investments in great location-based services benefit partners, developers and consumers.

Nokia ended by stating, “Nokia will deliver existing Lumia customers exclusive new Marketplace apps like digital Camera Extras to bring new possibilities to your Lumia including panorama shots, a self-timer, Action Shot for capturing movement and Smart Group Shot for creating the perfect group shot from several different images; new features for Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport; and also distributing a pattern of updates like Wi-Fi tethering and flip-to-silence.”

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