Friday, 22 June 2012

FreedCamp: A Free Alternative To Basecamp

If you are looking for a nice free alternative to Basecamp, then you should check out Freedcamp. This tool positions itself as the closest free alternative that you will ever get to Basecamp. This means you can work on unlimited projects, with unlimited file sharing, the same way you would work on Basecamp without signing up to monthly plans.

Using Freedcamp is very straightforward. You only need your first project and invite other users. Freedcamp also gives you the ability to import Basecamp projects to Freedcamp by using the API key. Once set up, you can do almost anything Basecamp can do including adding to-do’s, discussions, milestones, time-tracking, project messages, notifications, discussions, RSS feed, and more. It also packs this same set of features in a similar interface so you won’t get lost using this app. Plus, this tool integrates Meebo so you can chat with your workmates while inside the dashboard.

 Freedcamp believes that project management applications should be free. This app is very useful for anyone looking for a power project management tool without paying the bills.


  • Free alternative to Basecamp software online.
  • Includes to-do’s, timelines, and discussions.
  • Integrates Meebo for online chatting.
  • Free customer support.
  • Unlimited projects, files, and users.

Check out Freedcamp @

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