Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tweet confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is on the way

Samsung Mobile Arabia may have accidentally let Samsung’s rumoured Note 2 out of the bag via Twitter. The tweet asks the users which phone they are most looking forward to and among the Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Tab 2, they also mentioned the Note 2. Now Samsung Mobile Arabia isn’t the official Twitter channel for Samsung, but that doesn’t mean the Note 2 is not in the works. Recently a Korean newspaper talked about some of the specifications of the Note 2 and how it would have a 12MP camera, quad-core CPU and a new type of 5.3-inch screen (presumably Super AMOLED Plus). There were also talks that it would launch with Jelly Bean, which makes sense if it’s launching sometime in October.  

We heard similar rumors about the Note 2 earlier this month from Ubuntulife.com, who claimed that the next version would have a larger 5.5-inch display and a pixel density of around 360ppi.  It was also rumoured to feature a faster CPU and more memory, which make sense. That would be quite a step up from the current model. As mobile processors get faster and more powerful, it’s anyone’s guess what the new Note would take on under the hood, but we would imagine it would be some variant of the Exynos 4 Quad family of SoCs coupled with 1.5GB of RAM under the hood.

October seems to be the month when the device is expected to launch, if we are to go by the tech grapevine. In four short months Samsung could be gearing up for the next big mobile launch, the operative word being ‘big’. With a 5.5-inch display, taking it up a notch from the 5.3-inch found on the current model, we’re possibly looking at a larger device, unless Samsung sticks to the same dimensions and simply reduces the bezel even further, like they have on the Galaxy S III. Ubuntulife also spoke of the Galaxy S III having a large influence on the possible upcoming Note 2, possibly in terms of design and features. That’s something to really look forward to. It could mean a much sleeker, sexier form factor as well the incorporation of Samsung’s new Smart technology options that come with the S III – S Beam, Smart Stay eye tracking, Smart Voice, etc. Let’s not speculate on the pricing, but needless to say, being affordable is out of the question, judging the specs and the current rate of the Dollar on Indian soil.

In a nutshell, here’s what to expect:

5.5-inch Super AMOELD touchscreen with a 1680 × 1050
4G LTE, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC
GPS possibly with GLNONASS and a-GPS support
Bluetooth possible v4.0 with USB and hopefully USB-on-the-go
8/12 megapixel AF/Touchfocus camera with full HD video recording and playback
A front facing camera for video calls and chats
Possibly a 64GB edition, along with 16GB and 32GB versions all with expandable support
MHL for AV out

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