Saturday 30 June 2012

Travelport ViewTrip Mobile App launched for smartphones

Travelport has announced its new travel app dubbed ViewTrip Mobile for smartphone users in the Asia Pacific region. The Travelport ViewTrip Mobile is one of the first, fully integrated GDS powered travel itinerary apps available that allows travellers to be fully aware and in control of their travel arrangements at any time. Some of the essential features of the app include simple, one-time registration with future trips automatically synced to the mobile, flight status with live flight alerts, detailed airport and city guides and location aware services, weather forecasts and currency conversion and itinerary management. The app also allows users to quick and easily add items to the itineraries.

“Mobile technology is playing an increasingly important part of a traveller’s overall experience and our mobile strategy continues to result in new, innovative solutions for our customers”, commented Matthew Jones, Product Manager at Travelport. “ViewTrip Mobile is an exciting step forward for travellers as it provides them with rich trip information along with a wide array of destination content and tools, all in the palm of their hand. We are constantly developing new products that satisfy the needs of the travel community and are thrilled with the positive impact ViewTrip Mobile is making.”

Caroline Mongey, Operations Manager for FCm Travel Solutions said, “We have already received a number of comments explaining how powerful the app is and it is clearly enhancing the travel experience while increasing our value as a travel partner.”

Travelport, along with their development partner ManticPoint is also offering a white label version of the ViewTrip Mobile. This white label version allows agents to brand the app and itineraries using their own logo and colours, take control of content including agency specific help and advice and decide which affiliate content appears and proactively manage and target communications with the traveller via the app when disruption or the travel environment changes.

The app is launched for Android and the iOS platform. Travel apps form one of the most preferred categories of apps. These apps usually involve keeping a track of the train/flight schedule, ticket bookings, and also to keep an updated itinerary as in this case. Last month, we had picked the best apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Mobile apps have become a core attribute of smartphones and paved the way to a whole new horizon of opportunities for creative wits.

Travelport ViewTrip Mobile will be initially made available for customers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Thailand, followed by other Asia-Pacific countries. ViewTrip Mobile is available for free to all Travelport travel agency customers currently using the Travelport ViewTrip itinerary solution. The app is now available to download at Google Play for Android users and at the iTunes Store  for iOS users.


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