Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bunsella Bedtime Stories: Add Your Own Voice To Bedtime Stories [iOS]

Reading children’s stories before going to bed is an important bonding activity for parents.  Bunsella Bedtime Stories gives parents a cooler way to read bedtime stories to their child. This app, which is available for iOS devices, lets you create and narrate your own stories so that you can read as they listen to your voice.

Bunsella Bedtime lets you record your voice so that you can narrate the story as it is read. You can add texts and photos for a richer story experience. If there are no photos, you can still illustrate your story by making use of the clay characters that are available in the app. The voice-over is most useful for parents who are away from their child but want to read a story for them nonetheless.

Bunsella Bedtime is an example of how the form factor in tablet devices can be extended to recreate content. This app also gives a creative  way to connect with your children.


  • Narrate and record bedtime stories.
  • Narrate stories by page.
  • Available only for iOS devices.
  • Good teaching tool for toddlers.

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