Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bing Maps updated with 165TB of new imagery

Bing has, in an official blog post revealed that they have published their largest satellite release to date with the introduction of a staggering 165TB of new imagery to their popular Bing Maps. The official post further adds that their latest release is larger than all of their previous Aerial releases put together. Part of their latest Aerial release, is new Satellite imagery as well as Global Ortho photography. Further, Bing reveals that their previous "Aerial footprint" was 129TB in all. The latest combined new data release of 165TB, hence is understandably a huge leap. The new release will give you an aerial view of regions across - North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. The total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers, and the report informs further that the total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers.Those who can't wait to give it a try, can head over to - Bing Maps World Tour App


Bing, in its official post further adds that, "As of today the Global Ortho project is 85% acquired and published. Just this month, Bing Imagery Technologies hit a significant milestone by completing 100% of aerial photography over the United States. The photography in Europe is slated to be finished by this fall and all updated imagery should be published by the end of 2012." The Global Ortho project, as per this post has been 85 percent acquired and published. Also, a milestone of completing 100 percent of aerial photography over the United States, too was achieved by Bing Imagery Technologies, this month. That in Europe should finish by  this fall, and by the end of this year, all updated imagery will be published.

Some of the highlights in the latest release, according to the post are - 

Taipei, Taiwan
Santiago, Chile
Mexico City, Mexico
St. Petersburg, Russia
Giza, Egypt
Jaipur, India
Namib Desert, Namibia
Fritz Cove, Juneau, Alaska
Long Island, Folly Beach, South Carolina
Choptank River, Dorchester County, Maryland
Laguna del Camino de Villafranca, Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Teatro Massimo, Palermo, Italy
Monte Grappa, Vicenza, Italy
École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne, Switzerland

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