Monday, 25 June 2012

AutoHideMouseCursor: Easily Hide the Mouse Cursor [Windows]

There could be many times when you just want the mouse cursor or pointer to go away. One of the common scenarios is when you are writing text and the cursor seems to overlap characters that ends up irritating you. AutoHideMouseCursor, as the name clearly indicates, lets you automatically hide the mouse cursor when you are not using it. This tiny, non-intrusive tool will hide the mouse cursor when it senses inactivity and let you continue using your keyboard without any hassle.

The tool stays in the system tray and shows you a five-second timer before auto-hiding the cursor. You can of course change the time in the preferences of the tool. There are some other customization options that you could accomplish there, so feel free to play around with it.


  • Hide the mouse cursor automatically.
  • Starts the timer when it senses inactivity.
  • Can be configured to run at startup.

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