Saturday, 23 June 2012

iCalledU: Easy To Use Call Management System For Businesses

If you own a business with a receptionist, you will know how hard it can be to make sure you receive all those important messages. When a customer calls and you need to make a return call, it is imperative that you receive that message and remember to call them back. It can mean a huge loss of business if you do not, so picking up that phone is a must!

iCalledU is an intuitive way to keep track of the important messages that need your attention. Your receptionist can log in and store new calls for you. You can go in and see which ones need your attention when you get back to your desk and make sure do not miss anything. You can then click the check mark when you complete the task, and if you don’t remember, your receptionist can click the “+” button to send another reminder to make that call.

During the free beta, you can actually use this service to ask technical support questions and get help from the people behind iCalledU.

The service is available free of charge for the time being, so if you need a way to get some help with computer issues, this is a great option that will not cost anything for the moment.


  • Easy to use message management system.
  • Helps a business owner make sure to return those calls.
  • Keeps track of all messages.
  • Mark message as finished or be reminded when you need to address something.
  • Search messages for something specific.
  • Free PC tech support during beta period.

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