Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Twistory: Browse & View Your Twitter History.

If you are an avid Twitter user, you will find using Twistory very interesting and fun. Twistory, as the name half-implies, is an online tool that allows users to index their tweets to their favorite calendar application and browse through it, just as if one browses through a diary.

Twistory allows users to add their Twitter backlog feeds to calendars allowing them to know what they tweeted, on what day. Many of our favorite calendars are compatible with Twistory, including Google Calender, iPhone Calendar, Thunderbird and more.

To get started, just authorize your Twitter account, choose your favorite calendar and log in. Once done, Twistory will automatically arrange tweets according to their day – the service will update the calendar multiple times a day.


1.> Paid and free version available.
2.> Allows people to keep a track of their tweets – even visit your very first tweet.
3.> Updated multiple times a day.
4.> Integrate with different calendar apps.

Check out Twistory from here @

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