Saturday, 17 March 2012

Stick it! Free Your Player – True multitasking while playing videos for Android.

Over the past few days, I’ve been playing with a new app called Stick it! Free Your Player, by MBFG – short for My Boyfriend is a Geek. Stick it! is an amazing application for Android phones and tablets that allows you to play videos and stick them to your screen, hovering them above whatever else you are doing on your device.

The app can play local files stored on your phone, as well as videos shared from other applications, like YouTube. This is a very cool feature, as the native YouTube application does not currently support multitasking, meaning you have to stop the video you’re watching if you decide you want/need to do something else.

Here’s the rundown from the Google Play Store:

Features :

MultiView™ : watch multiple movies simultaneously
Truly floating player : move, resize and minimize supported
Background playingYouTube support (beta)
Supports most video formats
Streaming support (MMS, RTSP, HTTP)
Built-in themes (Windows 7, Mac OSX, more to come)
Built-in file browser
Ready to try Stick it! Free Your Player for yourself? Head over to Google Play by clicking the link below. The app will run you $1.49 (USD). Very solid investment, if you ask me.

Download Stick it! Free Your Player

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