Thursday, 22 March 2012

BrandMyMail: Add Rich Email Templates & Social Updates To Gmail.

If you are tired of sending the same text and image-based emails via Gmail for years then you might want to try out this web based tool called BrandMyMail. It lets you add nice templates to your email, and all kinds of dynamic social media features like Twitter updates, YouTube videos etc.

There are two ways to use it – use their browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, and/or create an account with them. Then connect your Gmail with them and emails will pass through their servers first where the template is applied, and then sent to the recipient.

You’d need to sign up with them so that you can choose your template and add various other features using their drag and drop interface. Connecting your Gmail with them also ensures that you can use them while sending emails from Android or iPhone.


1.> Add rich templates, social features to your emails sent from Gmail.
2.> Provides extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Check out BrandMyMail from here @

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