Friday, 23 March 2012

Any.Do: A Simple & Easy To Use Task Manager [Android].

Any.Do is one of the best, most simplest user-friendly to-do applications for Android. One of the best things that differentiates from other to-do applications is its clean, simple design and layout that allow people to organize their life and tasks in a user-friendly way.

With the app, you can set priorities to tasks, organize them in folders, set a time and even ask for your friend’s assistance if they are also using the app. The app supports voice recognition as well, meaning that you can use your voice to capture any task.
The application is available for only Android but the application is expected to eventually launch for iPhone and Chrome as well.


Simple, user-friendly designed to-do app.
Supports voice recognition.
Keep track of your tasks and to-do’s.
Available for Android only.

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