Thursday, 22 March 2012

fPrivacy: Easily Control App Permissions On Facebook [Chrome]

fPrivacy is a great add-on for Google Chrome that allows users to access apps without giving them permission to access your account. Users can manually change the permissions for apps and let them access only what is required or completely disallow them.

There are many websites/Facebook apps that need permission from Facebook to be accessed. Giving permission to hundreds of third-party sites/apps is dangerous as it may put the private data at risk of being stolen.

Just install the add-on and let it access your Facebook account. Once done, you can visit websites or apps that need Facebook permissions; you can even change permissions of the apps to allow them only what you want them to access and not more.


Simple and easy to use.
Privacy is maintained as websites only access information that you want them to.
Available for Google Chrome.

Check out fPrivacy from here @

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