Saturday, 24 March 2012

EPUB To MOBI: Easily Convert Your EPUB Books To MOBI.

EPUB’s are awesome because they are the most open format for eBooks, but if you use a Kindle, then you will need your books in MOBI format. Some other readers also don’t support EPUB, so if you want to use your DRM-free eBooks on these readers, having an easy way to convert them is crucial.

That is where EPUB to MOBI comes in. It is a free, easy to use program that can even batch convert multiple files at once. If you have a large number of books that need conversion, this can be a serious time saver. You simply click “File” and then “Add Files” and add as many books as you need to convert.

Once you have the files you need to convert in place, simply click “convert” and the application will run through to process of making the eBooks into MOBI format. It couldn’t be any easier to use!


1.> Batch convert eBooks from EPUB to MOBI for increased compatibility.
2.> Easy to use for both beginners and advanced users.
3.> Freeware for unlimited conversion.
4.> Keyboard shortcuts for speed and efficiency.

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