Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ForgetBox: A Simple Way To Share Photos With Your Friends.

If you are running on a tight schedule or are busy, yet want to send your relatives/friends/family the pictures they have been asking you about, then try ForgetBox. As the mini-title of the software says, “Install it. Forget it”

ForgetBox is a useful software for people who tend to forget. The software allows people to send images over the Internet by designating them to be sent, and then forgetting about it. Just install the ForgetBox program to your Windows. Once done, navigate either the folder you wish to send or the images you need to send later on. Just select the images/folders, right-click on them and select Send with ForgetBox.

You can then choose the contacts to which you wish to send the images. The contacts can be from Facebook, Gmail, Outlook or even plain email addresses. Once done, you can forget about it. ForgetBox will automatically upload these files to their own server and e-mail the receipients with a link to download their files.


1.> Free to use.
2.> An amazing software to pre-schedule uploading, and sending of images.
3.> Really simple to use and understand – no burden on computer.

Check out Forgetbox from here @ www.forgetbox.com

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