Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Opera Mini 7 comes to Android devices.

Opera Software launched Opera Mini 7 for Android devices, which is the final version of the browser that is now available to Android users. Opera says that they have 160 million users in a month using their browser. Opera has accelerated the hardware for the browser and therefore, it should be faster and smoother on Android devices. Furthermore, if you're watching your data usage, the browser helps by compressing and squeezing down websites to your phone. Upto 90 percent of the original data gets cut out. They do this with a program, called "Turbo", which works slightly differently across different Opera products. The compression also means that you're saving on data, as well as sites will load quicker. However, of course, there's significant drawbacks to this feature. Users need to decide for themselves, whether this compression is worth it. Depending on which website you're on, 90 percent can be a lot.

Opera says that if you're feeling limited with only nine Speed Dial sites available on your homescreen, Opera Mini 7 allows you to have as many Speed Dial buttons as you'd like. You can add the sites you like right when you start up your browser. Opera's formulated the process, so that you don't have to fiddle around with the mobile keyboard or bookmarks. It does not, however, include the homescreen meant for feature phones that will provide interactive social networking to people with low powered phones. Opera Mini 7 is available from Google Play or from

Opera also announced that Mac users installing Opera will have standard downloads now, not seperated by 32 bits and 64 bits. All Opera downloads going forward will be 64 bit. Unless you have a 32 bit Mac (which is rare, most Macs are 64 bit now), you should be able to download the 64 bit browser by default.

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