Friday, 23 March 2012

Google updates spell-check on Google Docs.

Spell-check is easily one of most indispensable tools on text editors, these days, pointing to the author just where he's typed it wrong. With the transition to a modern day computer, the spell-check function has taken on a whole new level of responsibility. Web searches, especially the ones done using Google are one of the primary instances one would think of where spell-check has played a vital role. However, now, Google have widened the scope of spell-check, by introducing a web-based spell-check function on Google Docs, instead of a dictionary-bound one, aiming to make it a seamless experience for users. In an official blog post, Yew Jin Lim, Software Engineer has confirmed that Google has updated the spell-check option on Google docs and presentations.

In the post, Lim adds that the updated spell-check will not be a rigid one, like a traditional spell-check, but will grow and adapt to the changing web scenario. Plus, it is smarter, since it’ll know exactly what you’re trying to say. The updated spell-check on Google Docs will not only highlight obvious errors, as it has been doing, but will also provide users with suggestions based on the context of a particular sentence. For example, If a user types - “Icland is an icland.”, then the spell-check option will offer suggestions based on the context in which the words are used. These contextual suggestions further proceed to words, which although existent in the dictionary, may have been misspelt in the context of the sentence. For example: If you write “Let’s meat tomorrow morning for coffee” you’ll see a suggestion to change “meat” to “meet."

Considering that the updated spell-check function on Google Docs isn’t limited to a set dictionary, it is constantly evolving. In this sense, the post adds that even new terms, coming out of popular culture will find their way into the spell-check function. For example: pop culture terms, like Skrillex, too have found their way to spell-check update for Google Docs.

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