Wednesday, 21 March 2012

StudyBlue: A Web App To Help You Study Creating Flash Cards & Notes.

Flash cards are a great way to memorize things. If you are preparing for an exam where there are formulas or facts to remember, then you might want to create and use flash cards. StudyBlue is one studying source that helps you do this.

StudyBlue is a web service that helps you study by letting you create flash cards, save notes, and upload online resources. You start using the site by creating an account and then adding your school or university. Next you add a course and begin to add resources to that course. These resources can include flash cards, notes, or files you upload.

To make the most out of your flash cards, the site offers a phone app for iOS devices and Android. Smartphone owners can prepare for their tests on the go using the app to access their flash cards.

The site offers a free package for the abovementioned main features along with premium accounts that offer advanced features such as study reminders and stats.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Helps you prepare for tests and exams.
3.> Lets you add courses and study material to each course.
4.> Lets you add flash cards, notes, and files.
5.> Offers Android and iOS applications.

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