Friday, 23 March 2012

Hangout Canopy: Easily Find Public Google+ Hangouts By Watching Your Friends’ Activity.

Google+ Hangouts are an excellent way to connect with other people. By finding new public hangouts and joining them you can meet new people. But you cannot make use of the service if you cannot find any public Hangouts. To help you solve this problem, an excellent browser extension called Hangout Canopy was created, that assists you in finding public Google+ hangouts.

Hangout Canopy is a browser extension for Google Chrome that helps you find public Google+ extensions through your friends’ Google+ activity. The extension window clearly displays the hangouts which you can join. Hangouts that are not public but belong to your circles are also displayed; these hangouts remain private and are not shared.


1.> A user-friendly tool.
2.> Works as a browser extension.
3.> Compatible with Google Chrome.
4.> Helps find public Google+ hangouts.

Check out Hangout Canopy from here @

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