Thursday, 22 March 2012

Galaxy S III to launch in April.

The Samsung Galaxy S III, the company’s next flagship Android phone and successor to the Galaxy S II was all set to make its official debut in May, or so the rumours said. However, the latest buzz in the tech grapevine out of Korea,is that the expected launch has been scheduled to an earlier date, indicating a possible April launch. Samsung initially denied reports of the Galaxy S III being launched in April, as per the words of their Senior Managing Director, China, Kim Young-Ha. He told the Beijing press that his strategy behind launching the device in April is to give it an aggressive approach and get an even greater market share. Sounds like a good plan.

From all the information circulating the web, the rumored specs of the upcoming 8mm thin Galaxy handset would include:

1.5 GHz Quad Core Exynos 4412 chip with onboard LTE
4.7 inch Super AMOLED edge to edge display with a full HD 1080p resolution display
A 12MP Camera and a
2250 mAh battery
Wireless charging

Rumours indicate that the Galaxy S III will run dual launchers. One launcher will feature their own TouchWiz UI and the other will feature the stock Vanilla build of Ice Cream Sandwich. It'll be a great selling point for the company, as one can already see the outrage from the Samsung Galaxy S II owners after getting their ICS update and not having a chance to embrace the ICS UI. Although the update is yet to make it out to the global handset community, users are already in love with the Stock/ Vanilla/ Virgin build of Ice Cream Sandwich mainly because it’s managed to give Android a whole new look and feel.

Leaked photos show that there’s a good chance that there won’t be any physical or capacitive buttons on the phone. The customary Samsung Galaxy Home Button has apparently been removed and replaced with onscreen keys, like on the Galaxy Nexus. It has also been said that the back of the Galaxy S3 might be Ceramic done via 'Micro Arc Oxidation' process. It is the same process used by HTC on their upcoming 'One' series. This will make the body a lot sturdier and definitely improve the build quality. The ceramic rear would also ensure that users don’t ‘feel the heat’, should the battery be in constant use.

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